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Fuzzy Vision?

CEO and Corporate Vision

CEO Lynn Nathan takes the long view

Does every CEO have a clear vision of where they are trying to take their company?  Do you?

Almost every book published on the subject of strategic planning emphasizes the importance of a long range vision, a clear picture of how the business will be different in 5 or 10 years.  Self-help entrepreneurial books include the same emphasis.  Why, then, do so many business owners struggle with this concept?  When asked, “How big do you want this business to become?” why do so many answer, “I don’t know”?

Because it’s the truth.  Sometimes you don’t know.  You may be so focused on surviving the current year that you can’t allow yourself the luxury of looking ahead to better times.  Or, you simply don’t know where you want to take the company ultimately.  That doesn’t mean you’re inept.  This “vision thing” just is not a priority for you at this time.

The crucial question is whether your business suffers for lack of your vision. Continue reading