Monthly Archives: April 2012

Soft Spots

I saw a medical specialist 7 months ago.  Three weeks after my visit, I received an insurance company statement indicating what was covered and what I should expect to be billed for.  Two months later, when I had not received a bill from the doctor, I called his office and was told they could not find the paperwork from the insurer.  I emailed it to them.  Three months later, I called again to explain I still had not received a bill.  They told me they were running behind on getting billing out.  It’s now seven months and still no bill!

This crazy episode has caused me to start asking my CEO clients: “What are the soft spots in your business processes?” Continue reading

Coach CEO

In your role as business leader and on your own path to excellence, you need to be an outstanding coach.  Drawing parallels to professional sports coaches can be illuminating.  Your responsibility is to win with the team you have (even though you might be trying to improve that team via the hiring process).

In Good to Great, Jim Collins writes compellingly about Continue reading