Coach CEO

In your role as business leader and on your own path to excellence, you need to be an outstanding coach.  Drawing parallels to professional sports coaches can be illuminating.  Your responsibility is to win with the team you have (even though you might be trying to improve that team via the hiring process).

In Good to Great, Jim Collins writes compellingly about getting the right people on the bus, and making sure each employee is in the right seat on the bus.  This is great advice, but in the real world of small business ownership, you will often have a number of average “players” on your team.  On top to that, any given year or quarter or month, you might face what the professional sports coach often faces – having to deal with starting players who are injured (e.g., on sick leave) or in a slump (e.g., distracted by a family crisis).

The competent CEO doesn’t dwell on bad luck or misfortune.  Like the excellent coach, you make adjustments.  You reassign talent as necessary.  You modify your game strategy as necessary.  You are always aware of your competition, and you change your approach to take advantage of their weakness rather than making excuses for your own.

Following a great coach of a professional sports team can be inspirational, as well as a true learning experience.  If you agree, why not comment here about your coach of choice?

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