Managing Through the Dips

Cycles are inevitable in all areas of life

Ups and Downs

Three things happened within the past 24 hours that reminded me of the value of a leader who can manage effectively through the cycles.

1)    One of my clients was shocked by the sudden resignation of a key employee.

2)    My Major League Baseball team was swept in a three-game series by an intradivisional rival, keeping them in the basement of their division.

3)    One of my clients offered the “Thought for the Day” at the beginning of our peer advisory board meeting that captured a differentiating factor for any successful entrepreneur: belief that their efforts would eventually pay off.

We all realize that virtually everything in life cycles.  However, the really good CEOs are at their best when leading the organization through a dip.

My client who lost a key employee is moving forward.  It’s not easy, but she will find a way to strengthen the organization, and better align the business with her personal vision.

The manager of “my team” will not concede that all is lost.  He’ll reiterate that it’s a long season; he’ll maintain a can-do attitude; and he’ll make adjustments to his lineup and game strategies until he finds the formula for a successful exit from the dip.

And now to #3.  Solid analytical thinking is one of the requirements for leading a successful business over the long haul.  However, it’s your belief in yourself and in your business, more than anything else, that enables you to pull through the inevitable dips.  It’s your belief in the future that carries you through the gravity that wants to drag your spirit down.  Smart, sustained effort, combined with that optimism that the sun will again shine tomorrow, is a requirement for the successful CEO.

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