3 Things I Learned Today

To their own detriment, CEOs often fail to set aside time for informational seminars and networking.

“Thinking with the (Business) Stars 9/26/2012

This morning I participated in a two-hour event for business owners who came together for a briefing in 3 diverse, high-impact areas: HR Litigation Landmines; a practical approach to Social Media; and what experience teaches about Business Exit Strategies.  I learned:

1-Never ever write a recommendation for a past employee.

2-If you want to attract younger customers in any business, you have to have and creatively utilize a company Facebook page.

3-If your exit strategy includes you financing part or all of the selling price, odds are you will end up back in your business long after you planned to be gone.

Tricia Clendening, Jim McCulley, and Rick Treml were excellent in stimulating the thinking and interaction of the business leaders who were present.  My 3 takeaways were a short list of the total value exchanged in two short hours.  It was a reminder of how often we business owners forego an opportunity like this  because we are consumed by the immediate demands of our business.  The written comment of one who attended: “All three topics were of high interest to me, and the format that allowed interaction among those attending as well as with those presenting, was priceless.  I hope you’ll invite me to any future events.”

How often do you invest a couple hours to participate in a business seminar of interest?  If you’re the president or CEO, it’s part of your job description.

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