Planning – Necessary or a Waste of Time?

CEO planning includes strategic thinking and tools for recording those thoughts

Record your strategic thoughts.

To plan, or not to plan – Most CEOs openly admit to the value of planning, regardless of the level of effort they put into it. Those who do not see value in planning have their reasons: The creative entrepreneur finds the structure of planning simply too restrictive.  Or, the world simply moves too fast. Any plan is immediately obsolete.

Whether these are rationalizations or heartfelt beliefs, I beg to differ.  Once your company has more than one employee, you can no longer keep your plan in your head.  In addition to being a better communication tool than your oral stories and predictions, a written plan forces you to think more strategically about your business and:
• To build the foundation required to sustain
• To consider the longer term future as well as this quarter
• To deal comprehensively with the various pieces (functions) of your business
• To drive for a competitive edge

There is nothing magic about planning as the calendar flips to a new year, but that is often the time that sees the most serious planning effort.  We’re now in the Fourth Quarter of 2012.  Already time to at least be “planning to plan”.  Look at your calendar now and reserve the time.  If you are not sure what the next step beyond scheduling the time is, contact me.  I have some ideas.

Agree or disagree with the importance I place on planning?

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