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Changing the Unchangeable

CEOs can affect government by running for elected office

Eric Taylor, CEO and Candidate

As CEO, you create business plans that acknowledge both the changeable and the unchangeable.  You analyze your current situation, compare it to where you want to take the company, and plan your strategy accordingly.  In addition, you pay attention to the unchangeable – those external areas like Government and the Economy – over which you have no control but which do impact your business.

It occurred to me during this past election season that CEOs run the risk Continue reading

CEO Work is Messy

Successful CEOs of private businesses don't seek perfection; neither do they overlook creating the necessary business processes.

Future CEO Consuming BBQ Ribs

Read the classic management books on strategic planning. The process sounds so logical and clean. Same thing for human resource management tomes. You set up the processes and everyone plays well in your sandbox. Likewise for financial management. You track the numbers and make adjustments along the way as required. No muss, no fuss.  So, for you as a private business owner, why is the work so messy? Continue reading