Changing the Unchangeable

CEOs can affect government by running for elected office

Eric Taylor, CEO and Candidate

As CEO, you create business plans that acknowledge both the changeable and the unchangeable.  You analyze your current situation, compare it to where you want to take the company, and plan your strategy accordingly.  In addition, you pay attention to the unchangeable – those external areas like Government and the Economy – over which you have no control but which do impact your business.

It occurred to me during this past election season that CEOs run the risk of assuming they have no control in some areas where they really do.  Eric Taylor, Founder and CEO of Prevent Security & Technology in Wilmington, Delaware, ran for state representative.  Eric had concluded that he could make a difference within government in the state of Delaware, and he was determined to try.  How can you not respect that?

As a friend and observer of Eric, I was in awe.  To attempt to take on the dual roles of business owner and state representative is daunting, to say the least.  But from the standpoint of business strategic planning, it reminded me that we have the tendency to paint the unchangeable with too broad a brush.  It reminded me that you don’t have to be elected to political office to become a force for better legislation.  It reminded me that I should remind you of the same.

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