I’d rather have a root canal…

The CEO often needs an outside expert to reduce the pain and increase the effectiveness

AnnaMarie Mazoch DDS, PA

Attitude is everything.  If I go to the dentist expecting to be hurt, there’s a good chance I can make that happen.  If you begin your business planning process expecting it to be drudgery – or worse (and you really would rather have a root canal), it’s probably going to be drudgery – or worse.  My dentist does not hurt me.  She has the expertise and equipment to deliver results performing the most difficult procedures while keeping the patient relatively comfortable.

You’re expecting me to point out a parallel with strategic planning, and I won’t disappoint.  First of all, if you have the expertise and equipment (information), planning is not only painless, it’s uplifting.  Ask any CEO who has integrated the planning process into her business.  But if you don’t have the expertise and equipment, you can hire it!  (It’s the same reasoning I used in deciding to hire a dentist, rather than doing it myself.)

If planning is not a personal strength, consider low cost or complimentary workshops that can get you started.  Alternatively, seek help much as you would for your dentistry needs by finding a consultant or coach with strategic thinking and planning expertise.

The New Year is almost upon us and your 2013 plan is due!

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