Independence Day

The business owner understands "independence" differently than the employee.

Oscar Celebrates Independence Day

Let me first wish you a Happy Holiday, whether or not you’re reading this on July 4th.  But I want to use this space to share a very brief reflection on the different interpretations of that word “independence”.  Specifically, through the eyes of the one who does not own a business, followed by the perspective of the business owner.  Here goes.

The independence of owning a business means…

  • Employee: Freedom from the oversight of a boss
  • Business Owner: Accountable to my customers, employees, banks, and vendors
  • Employee: Freedom to work when I want to
  • Business Owner: Work 24/7 when required
  • Employee: Freedom to become wealthy
  • Business Owner: I’m the last one to get a paycheck and I’m a prime source for loans to my business

The different perspectives are understandable, since our point of view is based primarily on our experience.  Maybe both perspectives can agree that we are blessed in this great country with a real opportunity to pursue our dreams, whatever they may be.  If those dreams include owning a business, then we have the opportunity to create our own business culture and to plan and execute and revise and execute again, in a quest to build greater wealth for ourselves and our employees.  That’s a marvelous freedom, even when the struggle is difficult.

Celebrate your independence on Independence Day, and recognize your good fortune, even when the uphill portion of the journey seems to be overwhelming.

One response to “Independence Day

  1. Employee: “Hey boss, take this job and shove it!”
    Business owner: Scrambles around to find a replacement while covering for the guy who just quit, your work piles up, hastily interview candidates, make a hurried decision, hire someone, (not necessarily the right one), train them, cross your fingers and say a prayer, two weeks later take a deep breath, dig down to find the top of your desk, then face the possibility of having to do it all over again in a couple of months!

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