More About Doug

I’m a business owner intrigued by the very concept of commerce, and a staunch believer in capitalism.  Shortly after initiating this blog in 2011, I read The Genius of the Beast by Howard Bloom.  His Prologue in that book resonated with me, and explains in words better than I could choose my understanding of the role and potential of capitalism.

Since 2002, I’ve dedicated my career to working with CEOs of small to midsize businesses.  I’ve spent countless hours coaching business owners from all industry categories, both individually and in small groups.  For many years, I facilitated the cross fertilization of ideas among noncompeting businesses in peer advisory groups every month.  I firmly believe in the value of shared experiences, and the power of diverse perspectives.  When it comes to ongoing business improvement, there is nothing more effective than the collective wisdom of practitioners.  I know this to be true because I’ve seen it in action.

I initiated this blog because I wanted another outlet for a variety of business concepts, ideas, and interrelationships that have inspired and continue to inspire me.  For a few years, I posted regularly, enabling me to share my personal take on a number of small business subjects. In 2016, I pulled away from my ongoing coaching and facilitating business, maintaining only two or three clients on an ongoing basis. I’ve devoted my time increasingly to volunteer opportunities and nonprofits. The frequency of my posting diminished accordingly.

As of 2021, I’m planning to continue to share occasional thoughts with small business owners via this blog, but they will likely take on a broader tone in a voice addressing the total individual as much as the business. In this manner, I hope to continue to inspire through the written word.

Thanks for checking in.

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