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A New Season

CEOs need to recognize their need for an occasional spring training and to make the most of it

A tool from my past

I’m a baseball fan and the start of a new season is always exciting.  In addition to my interest in the sport, spring training reminds me of a business parallel – a comparison to a business in the mode of re-starting, or re-engineering, or resurrection.  Two of the qualities you want to see in your baseball team during spring training are: Hunger and Health.  Likewise, if you are leading a business with the potential for improvement, it would be good if you are also both hungry and healthy. Continue reading


Changing the Unchangeable

CEOs can affect government by running for elected office

Eric Taylor, CEO and Candidate

As CEO, you create business plans that acknowledge both the changeable and the unchangeable.  You analyze your current situation, compare it to where you want to take the company, and plan your strategy accordingly.  In addition, you pay attention to the unchangeable – those external areas like Government and the Economy – over which you have no control but which do impact your business.

It occurred to me during this past election season that CEOs run the risk Continue reading

CEO Work is Messy

Successful CEOs of private businesses don't seek perfection; neither do they overlook creating the necessary business processes.

Future CEO Consuming BBQ Ribs

Read the classic management books on strategic planning. The process sounds so logical and clean. Same thing for human resource management tomes. You set up the processes and everyone plays well in your sandbox. Likewise for financial management. You track the numbers and make adjustments along the way as required. No muss, no fuss.  So, for you as a private business owner, why is the work so messy? Continue reading

Planning – Necessary or a Waste of Time?

CEO planning includes strategic thinking and tools for recording those thoughts

Record your strategic thoughts.

To plan, or not to plan – Most CEOs openly admit to the value of planning, regardless of the level of effort they put into it. Those who do not see value in planning have their reasons: The creative entrepreneur finds the structure of planning simply too restrictive.  Or, the world simply moves too fast. Any plan is immediately obsolete.

Whether these are rationalizations or heartfelt beliefs, I beg to differ.  Continue reading

The CEO as Moral Leader

CEOs might take direction from Cicero when it comes to virtueWhat obligation does the CEO have as the moral leader of a privately held enterprise? Sounds like a good roundtable discussion that could result in energized conversation for hours. It will not take that long to make my point.

Personal virtue was part of the Roman culture 2000 years ago. Although the Roman republic turned out to be a failed experiment, and the ensuing empire was far from flawless, the Roman concept of virtue had a lot to do with the profound influence of that culture on the history of Western Civilization.

I often preach the importance of defining core values for any privately held business. Continue reading

3 Things I Learned Today

To their own detriment, CEOs often fail to set aside time for informational seminars and networking.

“Thinking with the (Business) Stars 9/26/2012

This morning I participated in a two-hour event for business owners who came together for a briefing in 3 diverse, high-impact areas: HR Litigation Landmines; a practical approach to Social Media; and what experience teaches about Business Exit Strategies.  I learned:

1-Never ever write a recommendation for a past employee.

2-If you want to attract younger customers in any business, you have to have and creatively utilize a company Facebook page.

3-If your exit strategy includes you financing part or all of the selling price, odds are you will end up back in your business long after you planned to be gone. Continue reading

Is Your Vision Like a GPS?

CEO Guide?

Where do you keep your map?

How would you like traveling with a GPS system that was audible-only?  As you neared each intersection, a robot-like voice would issue the command.  “Turn right now” or “continue straight”.

How much easier and less stressful is it for you to already have the general map to your destination in your head?

So it is within your organization.  Continue reading